Located on busy Philo Road in Urbana, Illinois, Closet Space occupies a large, strong, brick building with bright lighting and beautiful landscaping. You can be confident that your belongings are safe with us!

  • Gate - Our security gate and automatic door are operated by electronic pass-keys called "fobs". Only people who have signed leases are given active fobs. If they are lost or stolen, the fobs can be deactivated.
  • Cameras - Every entrance to every room can be seen by our closed-circuit security cameras. Cameras also monitor the exterior of the building and the gate.
  • Lighting - Our facility features bright external lighting, brightly lit wide clean hallways, and motion-sensitive lights in each storage room which come on when the door is opened and turn off automatically.
  • Clean - Rooms have no outside door, so less risk or water, dirt and pest damage.
  • Pest-free - We have regular pest control service inside and outside the facility.
  • Safe - By the time you are at your unit, you have already passed through two layers of security.